AE Newstead

Dining on the Central Railway Steam Engine 9th Wedding Annivers 014My book has been a long time in the `process.` Research can be a prolonged distraction that takes you off on a fascinating journey of discovery.  My own journey has led me to the beaches of Normandy that oozes a cascade of war-time cemeteries and ever grateful generations of liberated Normans.  I have spent hours meandering in museums and seeking out the company of unassuming veterans.  I have learnt along the way that historical fiction is not just about a period of history, but about learning and teaching, through the authors words on the page, a sense of dipping inside that period.  Each day that I work on my book, I learn something new.  But what I have learned most of all, is the deep responsibility to not only the veterans, but to the civilians of wartime France and Germany, to deliver through my characters, the real story of Dday.RON HAMPSHIREScan10003